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Jerry Mullins (left) Show Promoter/Marketing Director

Jerry  is a veteran broadcaster who started his career in 1988 and he produces  and voices hundreds of radio commercials each year. Jerry got the  guitar bug at age 14 when got his first guitar for Christmas in December  of 1985 (a Harmony Strat style burst with a mini Harmony amp) that his  parents ordered from a Sears catalog. He played on and off for years and  got busy with life and family. Years later his wife asked him to join  the church worship band and he quickly jumped back into guitar and has been playing ever since. Jerry is a big fan of Joe Bonamassa,  Greg Koch, Joe Walsh, Samantha Fish, Ace Frehley, and Keith Richards.  Jerry has spent many years buying, selling, and trading guitars, amps,  and pedals in Northeast Ohio through Craig's List and Reverb. Jerry had a dream to build the kind of guitar show that he always wanted to attend.  Jerry grew up on the west side of Cleveland Ohio, but now lives in Massillon  Ohio with his wife Debbie and their 4 year old daughter. Jerry can be heard  playing his guitar most Sundays at Faith Community Fellowship in  Massillon, Ohio. Yes, Jerry is a Steelers fan.

Jamie Hoch (right) Show Promoter/Vendor Coordinator

Jamie  grew up in Maple Heights Ohio and got the guitar bug at age 13. He started  taking lessons at Music Manor (Yep, the same shop where Dr.Z started  making his joke) and he played a sunburst Hondo. Like many  boys his age he painted it with stripes to resemble one of his heroes  EVH.  Jamie has been attending guitar shows for over 13 years and has  spent the last 9 years as a vendor "J&L Guitars". Jamie is a big fan  of classic rock and old school metal. Some of his favorite players are  Joe Bonamassa, Ritchie Blackmore, Joe Satriani, Ace Frehley and SRV.   Jamie loves everything about guitar shows, the nostalgia, the  camaraderie among the dealers, and the shared love of music and guitar.  Jamie lives in Rootstown, Ohio with his wife Lana and his daughter. Jamie has been attending guitar shows in PA for many years.